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      Liquid defluorination agent

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      detailed description

        1. Name and purpose

        Product Name: liquid defluorination agent

        Purpose: to remove excessive fluoride ions in waste water

        Applicable industries: coal mine water, power plant circulating water, Industrial Park sewage, electronic industry, coal chemical industry, fluorine chemical industry, etc

        2. Physical and chemical index

        Form: liquid

        Color: reddish brown

        3. Toxicological index

        Toxicity: non toxic

        4. Fluoride removal mechanism

        After the fluorine-containing wastewater comes into contact with the defluoridation agent, the fluorine and the specific components of the defluoridation agent coordinate to form a complex, so that the fluorine ion is separated from the water.

        5. Technical advantages

        It is easy to use, and the fluoride can be removed by adding fluoride remover into water and PAM.

        It has a wide range of applications, and can be customized according to the characteristics of water quality, covering most fields of wastewater defluorination.

        It has high safety and will not cause the increase of COD, TP and TN.

        It is suitable for advanced treatment, and the removal efficiency is higher than that of similar products. The fluorine content in treated water can be less than 1mg / L.

        6. Precautions

        The water quality of wastewater varies greatly, so it is necessary to take the site water sample to do the small-scale test with different dosage before use. In the test process, according to the test results, it is determined whether it is necessary to adjust the pH, whether it is necessary to add PAM, etc., so as to obtain the optimal conditions.